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NHS Blood Pressure Check

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Discover a healthier you with Chemist Corner's NHS Blood Pressure Check, a convenient and quick solution to stay on top of your heart health. Our service offers immediate, accurate blood pressure readings by our pharmacists, providing you with the essential knowledge to manage your heart health effectively.

Key Benefits
  • Early Detection: Identify undiagnosed hypertension in individuals over 40, crucial for preventing severe health complications.
  • Health Promotion: Receive guidance on healthy behaviors to reduce the risk of CVD.
  • Convenient Monitoring: Access ad hoc clinic and ambulatory blood pressure measurements, supporting general practice healthcare needs.
  • Life-Saving Potential: Early intervention can significantly lower the risk of heart attacks and strokes, helping to prolong and improve the quality of life.
Who's It For
  • Adults over the age of 40 seeking to monitor their blood pressure.
  • Individuals who have not been diagnosed with hypertension.
  • Anyone who hasn't had their blood pressure checked in the last six months.
Why It Matters

With CVD causing one in four premature deaths and affecting seven million people in England, understanding and managing your blood pressure is more important than ever. High blood pressure is a silent threat, often going unnoticed until it's too late. Our service, aligned with the NHS Long Term Plan and NICE guidelines, aims to prevent the devastating impact of CVD by offering thorough, accurate blood pressure checks and follow-up advice.

What We Offer
  • Free Blood Pressure Checks: For adults over 40 who haven't been diagnosed with hypertension or had a check in the last six months.
  • Personalised Consultation: Get tailored advice based on your readings, whether it's normal, high, or low blood pressure.
  • Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitoring (ABPM): Available for those showing signs of high blood pressure.
  • Prompt Referrals: Urgent GP referrals for very high readings, ensuring immediate attention.

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Blood Pressure Check Service NHS & Private

Stay on top of your health with our Blood Pressure Check Service. Book your appointment today and take the first step towards better health management!

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Stay Informed, Stay Healthy with Our Blood Pressure Check Service

Your blood pressure tells a story about your heart health and overall well-being. Our Blood Pressure Check Service is designed to give you a clear and accurate picture of your heart's health. Conducted by skilled healthcare professionals, our checks are more than just readings – they are a gateway to understanding and managing your health proactively. We offer this vital service to both NHS and private patients, ensuring everyone has access to crucial health monitoring.

Efficient, Comfortable & Informative

Early Detection, Better Prevention

Regular blood pressure monitoring is key in the early detection of heart conditions and in managing ongoing health issues.

High or low blood pressure can be indicators of underlying health problems. By keeping track of your blood pressure, you can take timely action to prevent more serious conditions.