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Microsuction Earwax Removal

Number of Ears: One

Specially tailored for your comfort, our microsuction earwax removal offers a gentle yet effective solution to earwax buildup. As our ears can be sensitive and require careful handling, this method is designed to be both non-invasive and efficient. Our trained pharmacists use precise microsuction technology to clear your ears safely, providing immediate relief from blockages. This process is a careful balance of thorough care and delicate technique, ensuring your ears are treated with the utmost respect. It's a straightforward step towards clearer hearing and overall ear health. Experience the ease and clarity that comes with expertly removed earwax – a clear path to better hearing and a more comfortable day.

  • Experience Professional Guidance with Each Appointment
  • Delivered by GPhC Regulated Pharmacists

Number of Ears: One

Professional earwax removal service, designed to be both safe and effective.

Clear Ears, Clearer Sound

Our pharmacists are fully certified and skilled in advanced ear cleaning techniques, utilising a precise microsuction method. This process involves a specialised suction device paired with a camera for internal ear examination, ensuring a clear view and a thorough, gentle clean.

Why choose earwax removal with us?

Clear Pricing

Our straightforward £79.99 service covers both ears, ensuring you won’t encounter unexpected expenses. Not affected by wax? You won't be affected by charges

Book With Ease

Take the hassle out of health care. Secure your microsuction appointment at your convenience with our online booking system, available 24/7 for your ease.

Continued Commitment

In case more investigation is needed, you can count on us for a direct referral to your NHS GP, ensuring you receive the comprehensive care you deserve.

Microsuction Advantage

Our microsuction technique offers a gentle yet effective path to clear hearing, without the discomfort.

What is earwax?

Earwax is your body's natural ear protection, keeping your ears moist and safe from dirt and bugs. Usually, your ears take care of themselves, moving earwax out on its own. But sometimes, too much earwax can build up and lead to discomfort or muffled hearing. We're here to help with a safe and comfortable earwax removal service that can clear up any blockages and get you back to hearing clearly in no time.

What is earwax microsuction?

Microsuction is considered one of the safest and most effective methods for earwax removal. Our trained pharmacists will first examine your ear canal to ensure microsuction is right for you. Then, using a gentle suction device, carefully remove any earwax blockages, providing a comfortable and efficient cleaning experience.

How does the microsuction earwax removal service work?

Book Your Earwax Removal Appointment Easily

Scheduling your earwax removal appointment is just a few clicks away with our easy online booking system. Start by selecting a convenient time and answering a few simple questions to ensure our service is the perfect fit for your needs. Our doors are open Monday to Friday from 9 am to 6 pm, and on Saturdays from 9 am to 1 pm. Book your slot today and take the first step towards clearer hearing.

Prepare for Your Appointment

To ensure the best results, we recommend starting a simple pre-appointment routine. After booking, we suggest using olive oil or almond oil ear drops three to four times a day for five days before your visit. This helps soften the earwax, making the removal process smoother and more effective.

You can easily purchase the recommended wax softeners directly from us (hyperlink). Using these drops as advised not only facilitates easier wax removal but also speeds up the process. If, in rare cases, our pharmacist isn’t able to remove all the wax, they will provide you with the next best steps.

The Day of Your Earwax Removal

Ready for your earwax removal? Head to one of our Pharmacy Corner branches in Oldham or Manchester for your appointment, which will last about 30 minutes. Our specially trained pharmacists will start by asking you a few questions to ensure you're comfortable and informed about the process.

Using a special camera, the pharmacist will examine the inside of your ear. This step helps us see the earwax and also allows us to take pictures for future reference. It’s an interesting way to track changes in your ear health over time!

If it's your first time experiencing microsuction, the sound of the device may be new to you. Don’t worry, our pharmacist will demonstrate it beforehand, so you know exactly what to expect. While it might feel a bit unusual to have the device in your ear, rest assured, it's a pain-free process. Your comfort and care are our top priorities.

What Happens After Your Appointment

In the rare event that the initial wax removal isn't successful, our pharmacist will guide you on the next steps. They'll recommend using olive oil drops for five days before scheduling a follow-up appointment. Please note that there's a limit of one follow-up appointment.

If the second attempt at wax removal remains unsuccessful, your pharmacist will have a conversation with you about the best course of action.

In the case where there is no earwax to remove, rest assured, you will receive a full refund. However, our pharmacist will still discuss the next steps with you. They may recommend a visit to your GP for further assessment or a referral to a specialist. This can be beneficial if you're experiencing symptoms of excess earwax but no wax is present, allowing for a comprehensive examination of your ears to rule out other potential causes.


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