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New Medicine Service

New Medicine Service: Expert Guidance for New Prescriptions

New Medicine Service is an exclusive pharmacy service dedicated to providing expert guidance to patients prescribed new medications. We focus on delivering precise and helpful information, ensuring that each patient feels confident and well-informed.

Consultation Service
  • Engage in a 15-minute consultation with a qualified professional pharmacist via phone or video call.
  • Receive clear and concise information about your new medication, addressing any queries or concerns.
Detailed Report
  • After each consultation, a comprehensive report is provided. This document includes crucial information discussed during the session, guidelines to maximise the medication’s benefits, and advice to minimise potential side effects.
Benefits of Choosing New Medicine Service
  • Efficiency: Save valuable time and avoid the frustration of waiting in pharmacy queues or struggling to secure a GP appointment.
  • Expert Guidance: Obtain professional advice from qualified pharmacists, enhancing your understanding and confidence in your new prescription.
  • Personalised Attention: Receive tailored services that focus on your unique needs and questions.
  • Comprehensive Information: Benefit from detailed reports that act as a reliable reference, enhancing your medication experience.
  • Consistent Support: Experience continuous care with our follow-up services, ensuring that you’re never left with unresolved questions or uncertainties.

The New Medicine Service is committed to delivering a streamlined, informative, and supportive service, ensuring that each patient is well-prepared to begin their new medication regimen with confidence and clarity.