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Voltarol 140mg Medicated Plasters Diclofenac

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How to use
  • Clean and dry the area where you're going to apply the plaster.
  • Remove the plastic backing from the plaster without touching the sticky side.
  • Apply the plaster to the painful or swollen area, pressing it firmly to the skin.
  • Only one plaster should be used at a time, and it should be left on for up to 24 hours.
  • After 24 hours, remove the plaster and apply a new one if needed.
  • Do not apply more than 2 plasters in any 24-hour period, and do not use on more than 2 body areas simultaneously.
  • Do not cut or alter the plaster in any way.
  • Avoid using on broken or irritated skin, or applying heat sources (like heating pads) over the plaster.
  • Always follow the advice provided by your healthcare professional and read the patient information leaflet that comes with the medication. If symptoms persist or worsen, seek medical attention.
Main Ingredients
  • Diclofenac Sodium, Macrogol 400, Polybutylacrylate, Polyurethane Film, Siliconised Release Paper
Side Effects & Cautions
Side Effects:
  • Allergic Reactions: Some individuals may experience skin reactions like rashes, itching, redness or a burning feeling upon using the plaster.
  • Respiratory Problems: It may cause asthma or shortness of breath in some individuals.
  • Gastrointestinal Disorders: It can lead to stomach upset, abdominal pain, or other digestive issues in some people.
  • Cardiovascular Risks: Diclofenac may increase the risk of serious cardiovascular events such as heart attack or stroke.
  • Hepatic Effects: Long term use could potentially affect the liver.
  • Hypersensitivity: This plaster should not be used by anyone who is allergic to diclofenac, aspirin, ibuprofen or other related medications.
  • Remember, always consult with your doctor or healthcare provider before starting any new medication to avoid potential drug interactions or adverse reactions.
  • For external use only. Don't apply on broken skin or open wounds.
  • Do not use if allergic to diclofenac, aspirin, ibuprofen, or any other NSAIDs.
  • Avoid direct contact with the eyes, mouth, or nose.
  • Don't use it over large areas of body or for long periods without medical advice.
  • Consult your doctor if symptoms do not improve after a few weeks.
  • Pregnant and breastfeeding women should avoid using the plaster.
  • Not to be used by children under 14 years.
  • Avoid exposure to direct sunlight or tanning beds while using the plaster.
Patient Information Leaflet
Pack Size: 2