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Scholl Air Cushion Everyday Insoles

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Achieve unparalleled comfort with Scholl Air Cushion Insole, designed to alleviate foot discomfort. It features advanced technology for optimal foot support, reducing fatigue and strain. Ideal for active lifestyles, the insoles are easy to insert and adjust in any type of footwear, ensuring perfect fit. With Scholl, experience the fusion of technology and comfort, and say goodbye to foot pain. Embrace the freedom of movement with Scholl Air Cushion Insole.

How to use
  • Start by removing the insoles that are currently in your shoes.
  • Take the Scholl Air Cushion Everyday Insoles out of the packaging and make sure they’re the correct size. If they are too big, trim them down to the appropriate size using the guide printed on the insoles.
  • Identify the left and right insole, they are usually marked.
  • Insert the insoles into your shoes, with the fabric side facing upwards.
  • Make sure that it fits perfectly into your shoes, without any folding or curling.
  • Wear your shoes and feel the cushioning effect. If it feels uncomfortable, re-adjust until they sit perfectly.
  • Remember to replace these insoles every six months or whenever they start showing signs of wear. Also, for hygienic purposes, it can be cleaned with warm water and mild soap and let them dry naturally. Don't immerse in water. Do not machine wash.
Main Ingredients
  • As an AI developed by OpenAI, I can clarify that insoles, including Scholl Air Cushion Everyday Insoles, are not composed of "ingredients" in the traditional sense, since they are not consumable products. However, they are made of materials. These may include GelActiv Technology, breathable wicking fabric, foam padding.
Side Effects & Cautions
Side Effects:
  • As a non-medicinal product, Scholl Air Cushion Everyday Insoles typically do not have side effects. However, possible discomforts may include:
  • Incorrect fit: Make sure to choose the right size according to your foot size. An incorrect fit may cause discomfort or even injuries.
  • Reduced shoe space: Some users may find that the insoles take up too much space, making their shoes tighter.
  • Sensitivity or allergy: Some people may be sensitive or allergic to the material used in the insoles.
  • Increased risk of fungal infections: Athlete’s foot and other fungal infections may develop more easily if your insoles are not kept clean and dry.
  • Please note these are not guaranteed side effects but precautions one should take. If you experience persistent discomfort or pain, discontinue use and consult a healthcare professional.
  • Use only as intended: These insoles are designed for everyday use. Do not use for high impact sports or activities.
  • Proper placement: Ensure the insoles are positioned correctly in your shoes, improper placement might lead to discomfort or injuries.
  • Size matching: Make sure the insoles fit correctly in your shoe. If they are too big or small, they may not provide proper support.
  • Wash carefully: Make sure to follow washing instructions, if not washed properly it might lose its effectiveness.
  • Not a substitute for medical care: If you're experiencing severe foot pain or have a specific medical condition, consult a healthcare professional before using the insoles.
  • Regular checks: Ensure the insoles' air cushion system is not damaged or punctured. If so, replace immediately.
  • Check for wear and tear: Regularly check for any signs of wear and replace if necessary.
  • Personal use only: For hygiene reasons, do not share your insoles with others.
  • Discomfort or pain: Discontinue use immediately if discomfort or pain occurs.
  • Keep away from children: Potential choking hazard, keep out of reach from children.
Patient Information Leaflet