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Profoot All Day Comfort Insoles

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Maximize your foot comfort throughout the day with the Profoot All Day Comfort Insoles. Made of high-quality material, these insoles provide ultimate comfort and support for active lifestyles. They are designed to cushion your feet and absorb shock to prevent foot fatigue. Enjoy improved foot health and bid goodbye to discomfort. Suitable for daily use in all types of footwear. Experience the Profoot difference today. Feel good from the ground up. Say hello to comfort, goodbyes to foot pressure, and step into a happier day with Profoot. Perfect for individuals on their feet all day or those just looking for ultimate comfort!

How to use
  • Take out the existing insoles from your shoes.
  • Place the Profoot All Day Comfort Insoles in your shoes to ensure they fit properly. If they are too large, you can trim them to match the size of the original insoles.
  • Once the size is confirmed, put the Profoot Insoles into your shoes with the cloth side facing upwards.
  • Ensure that the insoles lay flat within your shoes without any curling or bunching for maximum comfort.
  • Put on your shoes and walk around to feel the comfort and support provided by the new insoles.
  • Replace the insoles every four to six months or at the first signs of wear to maintain high level of comfort and support.
  • Remember, insoles may not be suitable for use with all types of shoes. Always check the fit before wearing.
Main Ingredients
  • The product is not ingestible so it doesn't have "ingredients" in the traditional sense. However, its main materials include Polyurethane Foam, Gel, Polymax, Anti-friction fabric.
Side Effects & Cautions
Side Effects:
  • If Profoot All Day Comfort Insoles aren't fitted properly, you may experience discomfort, blisters, or foot pain. Additionally, if you have specific feet-related conditions like flat feet, high arches or plantar fasciitis, make sure to consult with a podiatrist before use. Individual reactions to materials used in the insoles can also occur, leading to allergic reactions or irritations. Remember to monitor any changes or discomfort while using them and adjust as needed.
  • Only use Profoot All Day Comfort Insoles as instructed. Incorrect use may lead to foot pain or injuries.
  • If discomfort or pain persists after using the insoles, discontinue use and consult a healthcare professional.
  • Keep out of reach of children.
  • Avoid using the insoles if you have circulation disorders or diabetes, unless directed by a doctor.
  • Do not use the product if you have allergies to any of the materials used in the insoles.
  • Regularly inspect the insoles for wear and tear and replace as needed to ensure optimal support and comfort.
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