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Omron Evolv Blood Pressure Monitor

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The Omron Evolv Blood Pressure Monitor is the perfect choice for those looking for an easy and accurate way to measure their blood pressure. This device is designed to be lightweight and portable, so you can take it with you wherever you go. With its advanced IntelliSense Technology, you can be sure that you're getting an accurate reading every time. Plus, its easy-to-read display and intuitive design make it easy to use. Get the Omron Evolv Blood Pressure Monitor today and start monitoring your blood pressure with ease.

How to use
  • Unroll the cuff of the Omron Evolv Blood Pressure Monitor and hold its grip with your hand. No tube should be present since this monitor is all-in-one.
  • Place the monitor on your upper arm, making sure that the display side faces up and the OMRON logo is at the bottom.
  • Adjust the cuff around your upper arm until it fits snugly. This monitor is pre-formed and will fit most standard-sized arms (9 to 17 inches in circumference).
  • With the cuff at heart level, sit comfortably in an upright position and relax for about 5 minutes before taking a measurement.
  • Press the “Start/Stop” button to initiate the measurement. The cuff will start to inflate and numbers will start to increase.
  • When the measurement is complete, the blood pressure monitor will automatically deflate the cuff and the systolic and diastolic pressure measurements, as well as your pulse rate, will appear on the display.
  • If desired, you can make use of the device's Bluetooth connectivity feature to save and share your readings with your doctor using the OMRON Connect App.
  • Once you've taken your reading, press the “Start/Stop” button to turn off the device.
  • Always remove the blood pressure monitor after use and store it in a clean, safe place.
  • Always read the user manual for a thorough explanation and safety measures. This is just a brief direction of use. For any discrepancies, health concerns or constant unusual readings, consult with a doctor.
Main Ingredients
  • As a digital device, the Omron Evolv Blood Pressure Monitor doesn't contain ingredients, but it does have certain components or parts, including:
  • Blood pressure monitor unit, pre-formed cuff (fits arms 9" to 17" in circumference), instruction manual, quick start guide, 4 AAA batteries.
Side Effects & Cautions
Side Effects:
  • Inaccuracy: If not used correctly, the device might give inaccurate readings, leading to misinterpretation of results.
  • Allergic reactions: Some individuals may experience skin irritation or allergic reaction from the cuff material.
  • Not for all patients: It should not be used by individuals with certain health conditions like arrhythmia, as it may not provide accurate measurements.
  • Dependence: Over-reliance on the device for managing a medical condition without proper consultation from a healthcare professional can be harmful.
  • Blood Circulation: Persistent tight wrapping of the cuff could interfere with blood circulation.
  • Remember to always consult with your healthcare professional or physician before using the device. Regular calibration of the device is also necessary for accurate readings.
  • Do not expose the device to extreme temperatures, humidity, or direct sunlight.
  • Avoid dropping or damaging the monitor.
  • Keep it out of reach from children.
  • Do not disassemble or try to repair the device on your own.
  • Consult a doctor for interpretation of the measured blood pressure values.
  • Do not use the device if you have been diagnosed with arrhythmia.
  • If you have a pacemaker or other implanted devices, consult your doctor before use.
  • This product is not suitable for continuous monitoring during medical emergencies or operations.
  • The monitor may not work properly with a weak battery. Always replace batteries when necessary.
Patient Information Leaflet