Noise-X Wax Ear Plugs

Pack Size: 6 Pairs
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Experience the utmost tranquility amidst the noise with Noise-X Ear Plugs Wax. With a pack of 6 pairs, these earplugs are designed for convenience and ultimate performance. Offering unparalleled noise cancellation, they are your perfect partner for sleep, travel, or simply for those seek-serenity moments. Crafted from quality wax, their comfort fit ensures increased wearability. Noise-X Ear Plugs Wax - your portable solution for a more peaceful environment, anytime, anywhere.

How to use
  • Ensure your hands and ear openings are clean before handling the earplugs.
  • Take the ear plug and roll it into a thin, crease-free cylinder.
  • Reach over your head with one hand and pull your ear gently up and back to straighten the ear canal.
  • With the other hand, insert the rolled-up earplug into your ear.
  • Hold it in place with your fingertip, applying gentle pressure, until the earplug expands and fits snugly within your ear canal to block out noise.
  • Please remember not to push earplug too deep into the ear. There should be enough of the earplug visible to be able to grasp with fingertips and remove it.
  • To remove, gently roll the earplug between your thumb and finger to loosen it. Then, remove the earplug with a slow twisting motion to gradually break the seal.
  • Always check the earplugs before use to ensure they are clean and free from dirt or damage.
  • Replace earplugs if they become hard, damaged, deformed, or dirty.
  • Remember that misuse can lead to ear damage. Consult a healthcare professional if in doubt about proper usage.
  • Always store earplugs in a clean and dry environment.
Main Ingredients
  • Cotton wool, paraffin wax, microcrystalline wax
Side Effects & Cautions
Side Effects:
  • Possible discomfort: Some people may feel discomfort or irritation in their ears while using the plugs.
  • Risk of ear infections: If the ear plugs are not cleaned properly, they can harbor bacteria and potentially lead to ear infections.
  • Impaired hearing: While the purpose of ear plugs is to reduce noise, they may also block important sounds like alarms or warnings.
  • Potential wax impaction: Regular and prolonged use of ear plugs can push ear wax deeper into the ear canal, causing a buildup which may lead to temporary hearing loss.
  • Allergic reaction: Some individuals might be allergic to the materials used in the plugs and hence may develop an allergic reaction.
  • Always consult a healthcare professional if you're planning to use such products regularly.
  • Keep out of reach of children.
  • Do not use if you have an ear infection or perforated eardrum.
  • Not recommended for use while swimming or diving.
  • Use only as directed - improper use may decrease effectiveness.
  • For hygiene reasons, replace ear plugs after several uses.
  • Avoid misuse, over-insertion can cause ear damage.
  • Store in a cool, dry place.
  • Discard and replace plugs if they become dirty or lose their shape.
Patient Information Leaflet
Pack Size: 6 Pairs