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Listerine Zero Mild Mint Mouthwash 500ml

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Experience advanced oral protection with the Listerine Mildmint mouthwash. This double-action mouthwash not only fights germs, but also provides a refreshing mild mint taste. Safeguard your oral health by eliminating bacteria, reducing plaque, and preventing gingivitis. The unique formula ensures long-lasting freshness. Ideal for daily use, the Listerine Mildmint is your go-to solution for a clean and healthy mouth. It's more than just a mouthwash, it's a wellness essential. Enhance your dental routine with Listerine Mildmint.

How to use
  • Open the lid of the Listerine Zero Mild Mint Mouthwash.
  • Pour approximately 20ml (or 4 teaspoons) of the mouthwash into a cup.
  • Empty the cup into your mouth without swallowing.
  • Swish the mouthwash around your mouth for about 30 seconds, making sure it reaches all parts of your mouth including the gums, the inside of your cheeks, and the back of your throat.
  • Spit out the mouthwash into the sink. Do not swallow.
  • To ensure maximum effectiveness, do not rinse your mouth with water immediately after use and avoid eating or drinking for 15 minutes.
  • Use this mouthwash twice daily - morning and night. Always read the product label and follow directions of use.
Main Ingredients
  • Water, Alcohol, Sorbitol Solution, Flavoring, Poloxamer 407, Benzoic Acid, Sodium Saccharin, Sodium Benzoate, Eucalyptol, Methyl Salicylate, Thymol, Menthol.
Side Effects & Cautions
Side Effects:
  • Allergic Reactions: Some people might be allergic to ingredients in Listerine Zero. Symptoms may include rashes, itchiness, swelling, severe dizziness, or trouble breathing. Seek immediate medical attention if these occur.
  • Oral Irritation: Prolonged usage can potentially cause irritation in the mouth, including gums and tongue. If you experience any persistent discomfort, stop usage and consult a healthcare professional.
  • Staining of Teeth: While generally low risk with this product, regular, long-term use of mouthwash can sometimes cause brown stains on teeth. Switch to a different product if you observe this effect.
  • Keep away from children: Children below 6 years shouldn't use Listerine Zero as they may swallow it.
  • Interaction with other substances: Avoid mixing with other mouthwash products to prevent chemical reactions or overly strong solutions.
  • Alcohol Consumption: If you consume a great amount of alcohol or have a history of alcohol abuse, consult your healthcare provider before using.
  • Remember, the side effects are rare and the majority of the people will likely not have the mentioned issues while using the product. The best way to approach this is to use the product as directed and inform your doctor if you notice any adverse effects.
  • Keep out of reach of children.
  • Do not swallow; meant for rinsing mouth only.
  • Avoid direct contact with eyes.
  • Do not use in case of hypersensitivity to any of the ingredients.
  • Consult a doctor if irritation or swelling develops.
  • May not be appropriate for children under 6 years old.
  • Do not use if seal is broken.
  • Consult with your dentist if you experience any adverse effects.
  • Do not exceed the recommended dosage.
  • Store in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight.
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