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Deepblue Step Ahead COVID-19 Lateral Flow Test

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The DeepBlue Step Ahead COVID-19 LFT is the perfect solution for keeping your family safe and healthy during the pandemic. This innovative product uses advanced technology to detect the presence of COVID-19 in your environment, ensuring that your family is not exposed to the virus. With its easy-to-use design and reliable performance, the DeepBlue Step Ahead COVID-19 is the perfect way to stay one step ahead of the virus. Get your family protected today with the DeepBlue Step Ahead COVID-19 LFT.

How to use
  • Wash and dry your hands properly before starting the test.
  • Open the sealed pouch and take out the test device and sample tube; avoid touching the test strip.
  • Attach the dropper tip to the collection tube.
  • Gently blow your nose and sanitize your hands again.
  • Gently insert the swab about 1cm into the lower part of one of the nostrils and rotate it five times against the nostril wall.
  • Repeat this procedure with the same swab in the other nostril.
  • Insert the swab into the sample tube and, tightly squeeze the walls of the tube, swirl the swab around for 10 seconds.
  • Press the swab against the tube while removing it to release the fluid, and dispose the swab in a bin.
  • Place the dropper cap back onto the tube, ensuring it is properly sealed.
  • Turn the sample tube upside down and squeeze 2 drops of the fluid onto the sample well (S) of the test device.
  • Wait for 15-30 minutes and then read the result. Follow read result instruction on the manual.
  • Dispose of the test safely in a bin.
  • Please note: Do not read results after 30 minutes as this could give an inaccurate result. If you are unsure about any steps, consult the instructional manual or a healthcare professional.
Main Ingredients
  • The manufacturer of the Deepblue Step Ahead COVID-19 Lateral Flow Test does not publicly list specific "ingredients" due to the nature of the product. However, the test generally comprises of: Coronavirus antigens, nitrocellulose membrane, conjugate pad, sample pad, absorbent pad, plastic housing.
Side Effects & Cautions
Side Effects:
  • The product manufacturer has not specifically listed side effects for the Deepblue Step Ahead COVID-19 Lateral Flow Test. However, general precautions that should be taken with this test include:
  • Do not use the test kit if the pack is damaged or after the expiration date.
  • Do not eat, drink, or smoke while handling the test.
  • Do not touch test strips.
  • Make sure hands are clean before using the test.
  • If any discomfort or reactions occur, contact a healthcare professional immediately.
  • False negatives or positives are possible, therefore in case of contradictory or unlikely results, consider consulting a healthcare professional or taking another test.
  • Remember, this is a diagnostic tool and should not replace proper medical advice. Always consult a healthcare provider if you're feeling unwell or have concerns about COVID-19 exposure.
  • For in vitro diagnostic use only.
  • Do not use the test after the expiration date.
  • Read the instructions carefully before use.
  • Not for self-testing, it should be administered by a healthcare professional.
  • The test should be stored in a cool and dry place, away from direct sunlight.
  • Do not use the test if the packing is damaged.
  • Avoid touching the test strip.
  • Use fresh samples for testing; delay may lead to inaccurate results.
  • Dispose of the test kit safely after use, as it may be biohazardous.
  • Negative results do not rule out the possibility of COVID-19 infection. If symptoms persist, seek medical advice immediately.
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