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L'Oréal Casting Creme Gloss Chocolate 535

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Experience luxurious, luminous hair colour with L'Oréal Casting Creme Gloss Chocolate 535, designed to enhance and accentuate your hair's natural beauty. This semi-permanent treatment delivers rich, deep chocolate tones for a glossy, multidimensional look. The nourishing cream formula is ammonia-free, perfect for those wanting to avoid harsh chemicals while achieving salon-quality results at home. Step into the spotlight with L'Oréal Casting Creme Gloss Chocolate 535 and discover the secret to glamorous, long-lasting hair colour.

How to use
  • Start with unwashed hair.
  • Put on the provided gloves and protect your clothes by draping an old towel around your shoulders.
  • Open the developer creme (Bottle 1), squeeze the entire contents of the creme colorant tube (Tube 2) into the bottle.
  • Firmly close the applicator bottle, cover the tip with your finger and shake it to mix the colorant and developer thoroughly.
  • Use the tip of the applicator bottle to immediately make a small hole on top of your hair and squeeze the mixture onto your hair.
  • Continue the application until all of your hair is covered with the dye. Then use your hands to massage the dye into your hair from roots to tips to ensure that every hair strand is coated.
  • Leave the dye in your hair for 20 minutes if you’re using the same or a darker shade; up to 30 minutes if you’re changing the tone of your hair or if your hair is very thick or resistant.
  • After the time's up, wearing your gloves, add a little bit of lukewarm water to your hair and lather the mixture. Rinse your hair thoroughly, until the water runs clear.
  • Apply a hazelnut amount of the provided conditioner (Tube 3) to your hair. Leave the conditioner in for about 2 minutes, then rinse thoroughly.
  • Dry and style your hair as desired. Enjoy your new hair color!
Main Ingredients
  • Water, Ethanolamine, Propylene Glycol, Hexylene Glycol, Soybean Protein, Hydrolyzed Oats, Ammonium Hydroxide, Fragrance, Ammonium Thiolactate, Ascorbic Acid, Sodium Metabisulfite, Erythorbic Acid, Phenyl Methyl Pyrazolone, Pentasodium Pentetate, N,N-Bis (2-Hydroxyethyl)-p-Phenylenediamine Sulfate, Resorcinol, m-Aminophenol.
Side Effects & Cautions
Side Effects:
  • Allergic Reaction: Conduct a skin allergy test 48 hours before each use of the product to ensure you don't have an adverse reaction.
  • Eye Irritation: Avoid contact with eyes. If the product comes into contact with the eyes, rinse immediately with plenty of water.
  • Respiratory Problem: Do not inhale or ingest the product, as it may cause breathing problems.
  • Skin Irritation: In case you experience rashes or burning sensations, immediately stop using the product and rinse well with water.
  • Hair Damage: This product contains ingredients that may cause hair damage, dryness, or change in hair color.
  • Keep it away from children: To avoid accidental ingestion or application, the product should be kept out of children's reach.
  • Remember to always follow the application instructions provided on the product packaging.
  • Conduct an allergy alert test 48 hours before using the product.
  • Always wear gloves provided in the box during the application.
  • Keep out of reach of children.
  • Avoid contact with eyes. If product comes in contact, rinse them immediately.
  • Do not use the hair colour on eyelashes or eyebrows.
  • Rinse hair well after application.
  • Do not use if your scalp is sensitive, irritated, or injured.
  • Do not use if you have ever experienced any reaction after coloring your hair.
  • Do not inhale or ingest.
  • Dispose of remaining product properly.
  • Keep the product away from heat and light.
  • For external use only.
Patient Information Leaflet